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Botanica Holistic presents a collection of mandalas constructed with live flora.

All works created & photographed by Charles Papillo.

Contact for all inquiries.
Mandala I.jpg
Mandala I
Mandala II.jpg
Mandala II
Mandala III.jpg
Mandala III
Mandala IV.jpg
Mandala IV
Mandala V.jpg
Mandala V
Mandala VI.jpg
Mandala VI
Mandala VII.jpg
Mandala VII
Mandala VIII.jpg
Mandala VIII
Mandala IX.jpg
Mandala IX
Mandala X.jpg
Mandala X
Mandala XI.jpg
Mandala XI
Mandala XII.jpg
Mandala XII
Mandala XIII.jpg
Mandala XIII
Mandala XIV
Mandala XV.jpg
Mandala XV
Mandala XVI.jpg
Mandala XVI
Mandala XVII.jpg
Mandala XVII
Mandala XVIII.jpg
Mandala XVIII
Mandala XIX
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