ENERGY Aromatherapy Kit
  • ENERGY Aromatherapy Kit

    Reset your space with vitality and strength using Botanica Holistic’s ENERGY Aromatherapy Kit. Featuring healing tools crafted in house and by other Los Angeles based artisans and healers, each kit includes the following items:


    • Tuscan Blue Rosemary, Cypress & Blue Thistle smudge stick by Botanica Holistic


    • Tabacum by Barratt Riley & Co sustainable coconut wax candle

    Tobacco Flower • Clove • Amber


    • Nightly rope incense by United Other

    Cedar Leaves • Lavender • Breuzinho


    • Midnight Warrior essential oil potion by Spellbound Sky

    Sandalwood • Musk • Patchouli • Black Pepper • Pyrite


    • Vata - Air + Ether Ayurvedic body mist by Poppy and Someday

    Rosemary • Lemon Verbena Hydrosol • Jasmine • Blood Orange • Silver Fir • Rose Geranium • Cedarwood • Crystal Quartz


    • ceramic burning vessel


    • glass bottle of wooden matchsticks


    • healing guide that offers physical empowerment and emotional




      All kits are non-refundable, but please contact Botanica Holistic if any products are received in a damaged format. Botanica Holistic will be more than pleased to amend any issues.


      Domestic shipping is included in retail price.

      Please allow 1-2 weeks to receive your order.